The famous Ethiopian home decoration piece called Dantel on TV

Before home interiors in Ethiopia were influenced by trends from the US, Europe and Dubai, Ethiopian homes in the capital and bigger towns used to be modest, calm with items arranged neatly and symmetrically.

The items in the living room consist of the following:
• A sitting group centered by a coffee table.
• A cabinet, vertical or horisontal, which contains the finest china.
• A TV
• Walls with black & white pictures of the family or sacred motives.

The wooden floor is always shiny from constant polishing using two black plaids.

The last touch of the decoration is the Dantel thrown thoughtfully on the abovementioned inventories. The theme is mostly the three colours of the old nation or flowers.

I am not sure who brought this craftsmanship to the country: the Italians, the Greeks or Armenians?

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