Wollo Feres bus
Addis Ababa - Dessie - Asmara

During the Imperial times of Ethiopia, five bus companies were trafficking the main highway between Addis Ababa and Asmara via Dessie and Mekelle.

The name of the companies was:
1. Wollo Feres
2. Mamo Kacha
3. Setaio
4. Aja Abdu
5. Agonafer

They were majestic, rolling gracefully in the beautiful mountainous landscape. Their arrival to different smaller and bigger towns was announced by a sound identity, meaning music played on the megaphone mounted on the front side of the buses. The passengers stay one night in Dessie which brought a lot of business to the town. And the passengers? Lord, they were so gorgeous and dapper. Men in sharp suits with a tie, a pair of shiny leather shoes, a hat and Persol sunglasses. And the ladies in traditional white robes with neat wristwatches and shiny leather bags and shoes. The hairdo was always immaculate.

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